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George is HATS. & HATS. is George. 

Hats is the gruyere cheese in your french onion soup. 
George sliced the onions & stirred them for hours. 
Hats is the laughter you hear as you walk into a bar.
George is the one who created the laughter. 
Hats is the last gulp of Guinness on a cold winter night.
George is the one who bought the pint.
Hats is the aroma of damn good coffee.
George ground the beans & lovingly poured the cup.
Hats is that moment when after months of trying to arrange a meet-up with friends, you gather together, drinks in hand, arms around each other, silly grins etched on your faces, and pose for a photo.
George took the picture.

HATS. is George & George is HATS..

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